Program Panel 4 – Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health in STEM fields has been receiving more attention of late, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. Researchers, institutional directors, policy-makers and medical practitioners acknowledge that a healthy mental state is as important as exercise, diet and sleep. It is paramount in sustaining the individual as he/she tackles career-related and personal challenges. Throw in being a (young) parent juggling work commitments, family responsibilities and career development, and an already steep mountain climb can seem insurmountable.   

The speakers in this session are not unfamiliar with the challenges and pressures borne of our scientific culture and have personally faced these during their career journeys. They will share their experiences on how they balance work, family and personal wellbeing. Speakers will impart invaluable advice on management of one’s work and personal priorities, the value of positive psychology and how working towards a manageable work-life balance is something everyone can do.