Program Panel 2 – Eye on the Horizon, Adding Value To Your Postdoc Career & Using It To Your Advantage

How do I know if I am suited to take the leap from academia to industry? Or if I am independent and capable enough to run my own research lab? These are the questions that many postdocs face when charting their career paths. A postdoc stint is an excellent training ground for a fulfilling research career after a PhD, but many postdocs also face uncertainties in whether the skills they have acquired put them in good stead to be an independent principal investigator or to transition from academia to industry.  

In this panel session featuring scientists and experts from various backgrounds in academia and biotech start-ups, attendees will hear first-hand from the panelists about how their postdoc experiences prepared them for their eventual career transitions. The panelists will also share their views on the skills postdocs need to advance their career and to maintain a competitive edge. Attendees will also have the opportunity to engage the panelists on the local and international opportunities available to them beyond a postdoc position.