Keynote 2 – Insights from US NPA

Postdoctoral and early career scientists are a vital part of any aspirations to engage in world-class and impactful research. Innovative and groundbreaking solutions which help propel our economy forward are developed upon innovative early-stage research – which is work driven by postdoctoral scholars and early career scientists. The numbers of this community of researchers in Singapore have grown over the past few years and will continue to do so. Promoting a culture of enhanced professional growth, inclusivity, mentorship and support will empower postdoctoral and early career scientists as they navigate their personal and career endeavors.  

19 years ago, the US National Postdoctoral Association was conceptualized and established out of the need to foster a sustainable, national culture of improving the postdoctoral training and holding a united space for postdoc voices across the country. 

Associate Professor Bill Mahoney is the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors from the US NPA. He will highlight why it is important for institutions to advance the professional competencies of postdocs. He will also share how the NPA plays a key role at a national level in galvanizing feedback, driving strategies and supporting postdoc offices in institutions thereby fostering a vibrant national postdoc ecosystem which inherently boosts national research capabilities and economies.

 Furthermore, he will dive into how US NPA was formed; discussing issues ranging from securing funds, committee and board structure, drawing bylaws and effecting administrative and policy changes.  

Join us for this insightful journey! If you are a postdoc or early career scientist, take charge of your career and learn how you can amplify your voice at the national stage.