Keynote 1 – Embarking on RIE 2025

Date: 14th September 2021   Time : 0930 – 1000

Dr Vincent Ho, Director of Human Health & Potential, National Research Foundation 

Amidst the global challenges of COVID-19, Singapore has embarked on the next phase of its RIE (Research, Innovation and Enterprise) journey. RIE has always served as a pillar of Singapore’s scientific and economic progress by identifying and carving out avenues for sustained growth, impact and global competitiveness.   

The major focus areas of RIE2025 are 1) Manufacturing, Trade and Connectivity; 2) Human Health and Potential; 3) Urban Solutions and Sustainability and 4) Smart Nation and Digital Economy. What do these focal points and national efforts to integrate strategic scientific interests mean for postdoctoral and early career scientists? With emphasis on strengthening basic research in order to enrich Singapore’s scientific base and to nurture and anchor talent, what opportunities can postdoctoral and early career scientists capitalize on?  

Dr Vincent Ho who is Director of the Human Health and Potential domain at the National Research Foundation (NRF) will offer insight into these questions and share on upcoming initiatives. His extensive experience in the public service and his steering roles in framing Singapore’s development in Health and Biomedical Sciences over the past decade following a successful postdoctoral stint at A*STAR puts him in good stead.  

Tune in to not miss out on exciting opportunities and initiatives and to keep abreast of Singapore’s evolving landscape as you build your scientific career.