Career Development Panel 3 – Pivoting & Transiting in your Career to Education, Research Services and NGOs

Alternative career paths for PhD holders include Education, Research Services and Non-government organizations. Have you ever wondered how you can apply your skill set to nurture our future leaders through Education; or how you can leverage your research specialization to enable and guide other researchers in their own research pursuits? Do you know what opportunities are available for you in non-profit and non-government organizations? Then this networking session is for you. 

Join us to hear leading experts discuss about how they paved their current career paths and what challenges they conquered along the way. Learn about the key and emerging opportunities in these areas and how these would suit your specific skillset. 

In this session, attendees will be able to interact and engage with our speakers who will be sharing on:  

  • Career journeys and how they paved their own paths 
  • Where to find these career opportunities and whom to approach 
  • What are the skills needed to excel in these careers