Career Development Panel 1 : Pivoting & Transiting in your Career to the Industry

From recent graduates to experienced Postdocs, most of us are keen to venture from academia to industry. Postdocs could be well-versed in research skills but could only move into certain industries if they are not trained and/or gain exposure beyond their field of study and outside of the laboratory. In this session, attendees will have to opportunity to hear from and engage with three speakers, who would be sharing their extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of scientific communication, consulting and medical science liaison. The speakers will share their views on how one could prepare oneself to overcome obstacles and challenges to transit into their respective industries and/or career. The speakers will also discuss and communicate the programs that are available or are in-place for individuals keen to transit into the respective fields. From which skills you should be developing today to which questions you should be asking yourselves tomorrow, Postdocs won’t want to miss this career and networking session.