Career Clinic 3 – Charting Your Course

Date: 16th September 2021    Time: 0900 – 1030am   

Dr. Sarada Bulchand, Lead Education Associate, Duke-NUS 

In a D-VUCAD (disruptive, volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, diverse) world, we seek for ways to make the most out of the career landscapes we are immersed in. While keeping an open mind is key to career success, timely structure and a well articulated plan is equally important.  

The Individual Development Plan aims to help individuals plan their career paths tailored to their own individual strengths and aspirations, through a consultative and iterative process between the individual and mentor/advisor/coach. It identifies both professional and personal development goals and can be used at any career stage or level. The IDP identifies expectations, establishes objective criteria for success, recognizes barriers, identifies areas for training and service, and is flexible to allow new opportunities to be pursued when they appear.  

Join us for this interactive session as you build and explore your own IDP. 

30min pre-work may be needed prior to attending this session.